At Rotortronics selecting the right software for our UAV’s was a critical decision, after much testing it was very clear to us that Ardupilot for drone control and PIX4D for data processing were by far the most advanced and comprehensive solutions on the market.

Software solutions that integrate drones for tailored professional workflows and easily shared results.

Mission Planner Ground Control Station

At Rotortronics good software is at the heart of our operations, we have spend years using Ardupilot and know this system inside out. As the longest open source project in this space, Ardupilot is naturally miles ahead of any other software on the market. It is a constantly evolving repository of knowledge and innovation backed and supported by hundreds of freelance developers and coders.  It has a comprehensive list of features that are continually born from the needs of the community. Ardupilot is simply the bench mark for UAV software, no other expensive in house software can come close to it’s endless functionality and  prolific features.

  • Point-and-click programming/configuration gets you up and operating without hassle
  • Multiple command modes: Acro, Stabilize, Loiter, Alt-hold, Return To Launchpoint, Land, Simple, Guided, Position, Circle, Follow Me, GeoFence, and Auto (which runs fully scripted missions using GPS waypoints)
  • Failsafe programming options bring peace of mind in the event of lost control signal or low battery conditions
  • Three Axis camera control and stabilization, shutter control, live video link with programmable on-screen-display
  • Data transceivers allow real-time telemetry and control between your ground station computer and APM, including joystick control options
  • Full data logging provides comprehensive post mission analysis, with graphing and Google Earth mapping tools
  • No dead ends – Advanced users will find endless options for customization and expanded mission capabilities
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PIX4D Mapping Software

Software: PIX4D

Once our UAV has collected the data it’s time for our professional drone mapping & photogrammetry software PIX4D to process the data. PIX4D is the market leader in drone based mapping & image processing, this is an essential software tool to integrate drone mapping into your operations.

Pix4D is a suite of software products that use photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms to transform both RGB and multispectral images into 3D maps and models. It has been under development since 2011 and is supplied direct via a license agreement by the company which is a specialist computer vision lab based in Switzerland.

PIX4D Mapping Video

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Adaptable professional workflows

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