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With over 800 hours of commercial UAV & Drone experience.

@ Rotortronics we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke solution and offering a comprehensive start to finish package.

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At Rotortronics, UAVs are our passion: We develop customized, intelligent solutions for various applications, particularly in the industrial sector: Aerial inspections, surveying and 3D mapping are some of the fields we specialise in.

  • Autonomous GPS waypoint navigation
  • High Resolution Still or a Thermal Images.
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Custom Multirotor, VTOL (Vertical Take of Landing)!

We can offer a custom multirotor, VTOL (Vertical Take of Land), UAV, Mapping wing, Mapping drone, Surveying mapping wing solutions for you.

Software solutions that integrate drones for tailored professional workflows and easily shared results.

Our vision is to provide customers with the most cost-effective access to aerial information

Our team knows what it’s like to fly drones every day and feel amazed by maps made from images.
We want to share that with you by providing the best possible tools for more exciting and efficient work.

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